What We Do

[title size=”2″]Social Media Consulting & Services[/title]With digital content, marketing and community-building experience at a number of top consumer brands, we define strategy, create policies, and develop best practices for businesses large and small. We regularly work in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but we go where the story takes us.

Our work breaks down into two primary categories: Consulting Services for businesses starting or growing their social marketing success, and Training Services for businesses and professionals looking to get the most out of their digital footprint. Click through for the specifics.


[content_box title=”Consulting for Business” icon=”asterisk” link=”https://www.ksryangroup.com/social-media-consulting” linktext=”Learn More”]From strategy to execution, we’ll get your social marketing efforts focused, polished and measured. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or something else, we can help.[/content_box]

[content_box title=”Classes & Workshops” icon=”certificate” link=”https://www.ksryangroup.com/social-media-training” linktext=”Learn More”]Our social media classes get straight to the point, so you learn how to proceed (and succeed). Put us on the schedule for your business, professional or community group.[/content_box]

[content_box title=”last” title=”Personal Branding” icon=”trophy” link=”https://www.ksryangroup.com/personal-branding” linktext=”Learn More”]Your online persona — from LinkedIn to Twitter and other sites — is the key to your future. How you tell your story, and how you connect, may well decide where you land next. We can help.[/content_box][/content_boxes]