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Social Media for Your Career
With the economy in lingering in a stingy, stubborn recession, professionals are finding it frustratingly difficult to recover from a layoff or advance their careers. Social Media for Your Career shows what you can do – right now – to improve your chances of landing your next job or promotion by using social networking sites effectively. This three-hour seminar highlights advice and best practices for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and is geared for people who want to get ahead, but are new or inexperienced with today’s networking tools.

Putting Your Personal Brand to Work
Between blogs, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles, today’s business people have unprecedented opportunities to showcase their knowledge and professional skills. But few are using these media to their full advantage. This three-hour class examines what professionals can do to create digital brands that actually work on their behalf. Topics include best practices on identifying your unique selling points, creating a narrative that captures attention, and marketing yourself like a pro. We discuss how to move beyond “resume language” to create an effective storyline – and how to put it to use on LinkedIn, your other social accounts and your elevator pitch. Currently offered through Hofstra Continuing Education.

LinkedIn for Beginners
An entry-level workshop geared for professionals who are new to LinkedIn, this three-hour class covers the importance of social networking in the job search, explains how social networking works, and details the basics of starting and using a LinkedIn account. Participants leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to set up their professional profiles, what to include, and how to connect with business associates. Currently offered through The Workforce Partnership and the Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center, and available for other locations.

Making the Most of LinkedIn
LinkedIn doesn’t work unless you work it, and this advanced workshop tells you what you need to know to work it right. This three-hour class covers how to find professional connections that lead to jobs, how to use LinkedIn “off-line,” and how to create content that is search engine- and recruiter-friendly. It is appropriate for people who are already familiar with LinkedIn, whether they’ve had their accounts for weeks or years. A portion of this class is conducted in a show-and-tell format, where participants share, critique, and improve their professional headlines and summaries, enhancing both their understanding of LinkedIn but also how to market themselves online. Currently offered through The Workforce Partnership and the Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center, and available for other locations.

Social Media for Parents
With an increasingly wired existence and a seemingly endless supply of social networking sites, today’s youth are making decisions that will affect them for years. The innocent sharing of personal details on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can spin quickly – and publicly — out of control. This two-hour seminar explores what parents can do to keep their children safe online, while being a “friend” as well as a parent.

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