Social Media Consulting

[title size=”2″]Put Our Experience to Work[/title]Whether you’re experienced social players or just starting out, we’ll provide custom guidance on engaging consumers, building brand advocates and developing a partnership with your customers — wherever they are. We can help you in the following areas. Contact us to learn more.

Social Marketing Strategy
Overwhelmed by the dizzying array of social sites available today? We can help you identify not only the platforms that are right for your business – but also how to use them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other sites, we’ll make sure you know what to do – and how to quantify success.

Digital Content Strategy
Struggling with what to say and how to get noticed? We’re well-versed in digital communication, and focus on the content and execution that will drive search optimization, interaction and social connections. Whether site content, email, blogging or social networking, we can help.

Social Launch & Execution
Whether you need long-term execution or just a little help getting started, we can get you from strategy to success with ongoing services support. We create search-optimized content for your accounts, manage customer response, and oversee contests, freeing you to do the other work your business needs.

Policies & Training
Do your organization have a social media policy? Do your employees know what it says? Everyone is social these days, and your employees’ actions online can impact your business. We can help you establish clear guidelines for internal and external audiences. And we can train your people on what they mean.

Partner Identification
We’re not technologists, but we have colleagues who are, and we can point you to the right direction. We know scores of social platform providers, from community platforms, to Facebook partners and analytic firms. We can guide you through the selection process, and help you make the most of those relationships.

Whitepapers & Research
Take the fuzziness out of your internal and external reporting. We’re storytellers at heart and communicators by training, so we know how to get the news, interpret the facts and tell the story. Our content is crisp, clear and concise. And we get it right.