Social Media Training

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Social Marketing for Business
If you’re not social, you’re missing out. These days, companies large and small have to participate in social media in order to keep up with their customers and stay ahead of the competition. This nine-hour primer examines how digital tools are changing the way we work, how we find customers and how we tell our stories. We look at the big social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and identify what you need to know before you make the leap.

Advanced Social Marketing for Business
This advanced course digs into the real and pressing issues companies face in the first two years of their social marketing journey. Topics include analytics & measurement, identifying evangelists and super-users, managing multiple accounts at scale, streamlining processes, and picking the right social platform vendors. This nine-hour course tackles the important issues of how to measure success and how to keep up with the changing social media landscape, and is intended for marketers who want to learn how to do more with their existing social presence. Prerequisite: Social Media Marketing for Business.

Social Networking for Small Business
A down-to-business class for entrepreneurs who want to spread the word about their small businesses in the most effective fashion. This three-hour workshop explains the importance of marketing your business online, how to decide what social networks are right for your business, and how to behave on those networks to accumulate customers, promote your business and interact with fans. We offer practical advice on getting started, managing your message, and dealing with complaints – all with an eye on getting your best customers to tell their friends about your goods and services.

Avoiding – and Surviving – a Social Media Crisis
These days, things go bad in a hurry. A customer complains on Twitter. An employee says something unfortunate on Facebook. Or a clever marketing gimmick takes an unexpected turn. This course covers what business people need to know to keep social media missteps from becoming meltdowns. We examine what you can do to get ahead of a problem, how to turn detractors into advocates, and how to prevent mistakes from happening in the first place. Survivors of “social media fails” frequently realize that they made matters worse with their actions – or their inaction. This three-hour course is designed for those who want to be prepared. Currently offered through Hofstra Continuing Education.

Social Media for the Mom & Pop
Social marketing isn’t just for the big guys any more. Thousands of small and family businesses – from pizza shops to variety stores to accountants – are using social channels to gain and keep customers. This course teaches how to “do social” on a budget, where to invest your time, and how to get your customers to help you out. It tells you how to choose between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social channels – and how to market the “personality” of your business without getting in the way of business. Currently offered through Hofstra Continuing Education.