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[title size=”3″]Spotlight skills with LinkedIn endorsements[/title]
newsday-tileNewsday, January 28, 2013
“Job hunters and career re-inventors can now be endorsed for skills they carefully select to position themselves for their next roles, says Kevin S. Ryan, a social media consultant in New Hyde Park who also conducts workshops at career centers. Still, there’s an ‘impulse purchase’ feel to the process, says Ryan, along the lines of grabbing candy at checkout counters.”

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[title size=”3″]How One Entrepreneur Is Profiting from March Madness[/title]
Open-Forum-tileAmerican Express Open Forum, April 12, 2012
“When the men of Kentucky try to drive through Kansas’s powerful defense tonight, the cheers and groans of March Madness fans will be easily known, thanks partly to Kevin S. Ryan. … His company, KSRyan Group, partners with Turner Sports Interactive to manage social media features for March Madness Live, the video app that lets fans watch the NCAA tournament on their computers and mobile devices.”

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[title size=”3″]Yes, You Can Sell That Here[/title]
social-media-today-tileThe Social Contract eBook, March 2010
“There’s a thread running through community circles that suggests you can’t monetize your social activities in the traditional sense. The ROI, it’s said, should be measured in diverted costs and the knowledge you gain through customer engagement. By and large, that’s still true. But smart community folks can also drive sales through their social efforts, sometimes in measurable ways.”

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